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Do you need a DCP of your trailer, spots or film and as soon as possible, within a day?
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We create a 2D or 3D DCP of your film according to your wishes.
Do you also need title creation, color correction and even a sound mix?
That's what we love to do, feel free to contact us!

About us

Trickatelier Wilk is founded in 1983 by camera operater Thomas Wilk.
Cartoons, commercials, trailers, animations for medical and political information films, open and end credits for hundreds of films is the beginning. Title inserts for silent films such as “Metropolis”,
“Das alte Gesetz”, “Asphalt” and many others emerged.


Color Correction

One of the most important steps in post-production is the scene-by-scene color correction.
It is the creative part of post-production and is used as a stylistic element to give your film a distinctive look. Together with you and your camera operator, we discuss your wishes and ideas in the sense of the film.

Title editing

We create your opening and closing titles according to your wishes and ideas.
You still have no idea what your titles should look like?
We are happy to make suggestions.

Sound Editing

(Upmixing, Leq leveling)

If your sound can still be optimized for use in cinemas,
we will be happy to take it over and organize everything else with one of our partners.

Digital Cinema Mastering

DCPs (encrypted or unencrypted)

We create a 2D or 3D DCP according to the DCI standards either in 2k or 4k,
depending on the source material. Different subtitle versions and language versions are no problem.
Just contact us, we would be happy to advise you personally.


Since 2013, all films that are funded by the FFA and the German Film Fund are required to
contain an accessible version. This version is aimed towards people with impaired vision or hearing.
It contains special sound and subtitle tracks, which are shown to cinema-goers via headphones or special screens.

Key Delivery Management


Encrypted DCPs require a KDM in order to be played in the desired cinema hall at a certain time of day.
We take care of the creation and distribution for you.

Digital Cinema Distribution Master


For funded films, a DCDM must be produced for storage in the Federal Archives.
To do this, the DCDM must be produced from the DSM (Digital Source Master), i.e. the source material
that was also used for the DCP creation. Creating a DCDM from an existing DCP is not permitted.


2k or 4k

You have analog footage, such as 35mm, 16mm or Super 8?
Our long-term cooperation partners take over professional digitization. Everything is carefully
prepared and cleaned in order to achieve the best possible result when digitizing using the
latest technology. Afterwards, the digital image can be viewed to discuss with you whether further
optimization is required, for example a color correction and/or a restoration.


We process your old film or video material so that it ends up in the desired playback format, e.g. can be demonstrated as a DCP. We follow your wishes and ideas regarding the degree of processing of the starting material. Processing includes dust and scratch removal, stabilization and retouching.


(Web, TV, Blu-ray/DVD-Screener, Archive, etc. …)

We create all other required formats,
e.g. MXF files according to broadcast guidelines, Blu-rays or DVDs.

Magnetic Recording

With us you also have the option of digitizing different tape formats.
We can capture HD-CamSR, Digibeta, BetaSP and VHS as well as playout. With our Blackmagic Teranex we can digitize tapes in standard definition (e.g. Digibeta) directly in high definition. If your tape format is not included, please contact us directly, we also have a solution for that.



You don't know if the source material is suitable for the creation of a DCP? We can advise you and optimize the workflow.
Send us a message, we will be happy to call you back!










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